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早陣子因撰寫有關國際介入內戰衝突地區的衛生事務的研究文章,重拾已擱下多時有關「事實獨立實體」(de facto independent entity)的資料搜集。這些獨立實體符合《蒙特維多國家權利義務公約》(Montevideo Convention)有關構成主權國家四條件中之三:永久人口、固定領土、有效政府,然獨欠最後亦是最重要的條件,即外交能力,未能獲得國際社會的廣泛承認,被拒於聯合國門外,以下是現存的實例

As with other governmental powers, this power to withhold or withdraw consent cannot be an absolute one. The question is when and for what purpose the UK could exercise its powers conferred by the 1987 Act. The first point of reference should perhaps naturally be s. 1(5) of the 1987 Act, which requires the Secretary, in determining whether to give or withdraw consent, to “have regard to all material considerations, and in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of this subsection— (a) to the safety of the public; (b) to national security; and (c) to town and country planning.”Clearly, none of the 3 “particular” “material considerations” would apply in the case of Assange