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直布羅陀同樣也是英國從古老的帝國西班牙手上「強搶」回來的殖民地。建立殖民地政府比香港略早,1830年。這個小半島也同樣因為1966年英國簽署了《公約》,於是主權歸屬的問題也要交由「人民自決」。而自決問題一直拖拉到1997年6 月,亦即香港「回歸」前一個月,直布羅陀的民選政府代表在聯合國發言,發言重點如下:

The Chief Minister questioned that a colonial people should be deprived of self determination simply because another State, asserts a historical territorial claim. He added that it defies all logic for a third party to be able to frustrate the right of self determination of the inhabitants of a colony when this is not done by the administering power itself.